Hatchet Coffee, in Haymount, a Gathering Point

By: Fanny Vera

The variety of places to drink a good coffee is abundant but in Fayetteville, exactly in the commercial area of Haymount, there is now Leclair General Store. A place where once you step in, you can appreciate the difference between what is a space to drink coffee and a place to feel the pleasure to drink a cup of coffee.

It must be a great designer who has decorated each space within Leclair´s General Store. Every corner with antique objects that speak for itself. The one that I liked the most and caught my attention was that a turntable placed there for anyone who would want to play an old vinyl record and perhaps listen to the music of the Beatles. I mentioned them because it was the music I heard at home back in the 70’s when my sisters lived to get one more for their collection.

The selection of wine and its presentation is there to taste; But if you want to take one of those good brands, just rent the premises so in the midst of a more private atmosphere you can uncork and between friends’ toast for the reason you desired.

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Interior decoration is not an easy thing, it’s either studied, or one is born with that talent. I did not ask who worked on it, but the good taste and distinction are in every corner. Everything is for sale to the public.

Simplicity reigns in the place, now I remember a phrase repeated it to me by my teacher of etiquette and protocol, «less is more.» There is nothing ostentatious, small details make this place a unique space within another unique space, beyond compare, such as Haymount.  Probably replacing what used to be two bathrooms into two small displays of pieces you could not begin to imagine, is certainly a great and imaginative Designer.

The place stunned me. I went to drink my coffee when I heard someone called me by my name. It surprises me because I’m relatively new to Fayetteville. I said hello without remembering his face for the first few seconds. Trying to find out who he was, he reminded me where we had met, and during a pleasant conversation, we agreed to do an interview for the next issue.

I order my coffee and lemon muffin. I still hang on to the aroma of this small trifle of unmatched flavor.

I left happy. A good place for business meetings, conversations with friends and good coffee.

I will recommend it, even more now, because I’ll be back and will do the interview agreed upon precisely there, in Hatchet Coffee, in Haymount, a gathering point.


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