The month of June is crucial for the Arts and Entertainment District in Fayetteville

By Fanny Vera.-

According to the Master Plan for the creation of the Arts and Entertainment District for Fayetteville, June should be the most anticipated month for all those interested in making this project a reality and give Fayetteville the cultural phase it deserves, together with the existing cultural organizations in the city today.

A little more of the plan

Reviewing a report on the Creation of the Arts and Entertainment District, it refers to the numerous planning efforts that are being aligned in the city of Fayetteville, giving it the opportunity to o fundamentally change the day-to-day experience for residents and visitors, by creating one or more arts and entertainment districts.


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The report displayed in 2016 supports the reason for its creation by saying that in its Central Core there is a strong concentration of artistic and cultural entities, creative enterprises, excellent local restaurants and shops; In addition to the numerous festivals and special events that are organized.

It has a significant number of creative and committed talents with the city; Of community and local leaders, local authorities, entrepreneurs, artists who understand and claim a district for the arts and entertainment.

The report also claims that private investment in the city center continues to create a wonderful mix of shops, restaurants, galleries, cultural facilities, residential units, office space and in the near future, a hotel that comes to give life to the city, especially to the central core


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Redevelopment plans range from repurposing of the Prince Charles Hotel for housing and retail, to preliminary plans for a minor-league baseball stadium.

Where we are headed to

The report continues to explain that, through this expansion and planning process, Fayetteville begins to create an arts and entertainment District in the Central Core.

It indicates that it is the key point between community, economic and cultural development in which cities develop artistic and entertainment districts.


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With the creation of the Arts and Entertainment District for Fayetteville, it is sought to start off by renovating the center or some area of the city; Create a nightlife and weekends, which would certainly help the local economy by boosting and supporting local businesses, – commercials and restaurants – as well as the development of cultural activity.


The report textually reads as follows «for Fayetteville, creating an arts and entertainment district provides a cohesive placemaking strategy linking the numerous current civic development efforts and ultimately creating an opportunity for increased economic development through the identity of a district»

What is missing then?

Recommendations for its implementation are also found in the report. It would be interesting for the local authorities to report the status of it. However, in the schedule for the last quarter of 2016, the project should be presented to the Municipal Chamber for approval, among other actions, such as the creation of the advisory committee for the creation and disbursement of resources to initially operate with the support of the City, Cumberland County and the business sector.

By June this year, the priority, per the report, is to initiate a public campaign to establish a name for the District; And in the same order the creation of the office and what entails the operations for the management of the Office that oversees the development of the project.

In a second installment, we will talk more about the financing of the Arts and Entertainment District and whether it is a district or more than one.


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